Monday, June 25, 2012

Machine learning

Hey guys, I am Thomas Galloway. I am a systems engineer but I am doing my research in Bioinformatics under Dr. Shannon Schlueter. My interests are in researching the physical sciences and the application of artificial intelligence to model different physical phenomena. The exponential advancements in computational power along with sensing resolution and accuracy need to be met with an equal growth in biological systems modeling. As machines get better at gathering data from the brain I hope to apply artificial neural networks, machine learning and support vector machines to discover underlying patterns or dependencies that are part of how the brain functions. With a better understanding of the brains’ biological and chemical operations, degenerative brain illnesses could be more accurately understood and treated. The goal of my research project is to develop an artificial neural network for the applications discussed above. I have also been given the opportunity to train my network within various accelerated computing environments. I look forward to the following weeks of my project.

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-- Thomas Galloway

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