Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tam Huynh

Hi, my name is Tam Huynh. I am an honor undergraduate senior in my third year. I major in Biology. My mentor, Dr. Inna Sokolova, is a marine biologist and also the Vice Chair of research in my department. Her focus is about intertidal species and how stressors affect them.

Currently, I am in the middle of my honor program. I start it since the spring semester. It just happened that I heard about this summer research program from my mentor. I think this is a chance to introduce myself to the university community and represent my department of biology (along with two other students) to mingle with people from other departments of various disciplines. So basically, I combined the two programs together, very convenient, right?

I am working as an undergraduate assistant for my supervisor, Sandra, who is a master student from Germany. I was given a small piece of her study which focuses on a species of clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, on the effect of carbon dioxide and metal toxicity on these organisms.

If you check our program’s facebook page, you can see I usually post short updates on what happened to me on a particular day. The blog has the same purpose but I don’t see any link that says “start a new entry” or any similar, so I can’t post the blog on my own, and has to ask Dr. Livesay to post it for me.

-- Tam Huynh

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